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Bug may refer to:





  • Bug Hall (born 1985), American actor, acting teacher and musician
  • Bug Holliday (1867–1910), baseball player

Art and media[edit]


In films and television[edit]

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In music[edit]

  • Bug (soundtrack), the soundtrack to the film
  • Bug (Dave Davies album), a solo album by Dave Davies (best known as lead guitarist and co-founder of British rock band The Kinks), released in May 2002. It was his fourth true solo studio album, almost 20 years after the release of his third effort Chosen People
  • Bug (Dinosaur Jr. album), the third album by American alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr., released in October 1988 through SST Records
  • "Bug", a song by Phish from their 2000 album Farmhouse
  • "Bug", a song by Feeder, from their album Echo Park
  • "Bug", a song by Lower Than Atlantis from World Record
  • "The Bug", a 1993 song by Dire Straits
  • The Bug, a recording alias for UK musician Kevin Martin


Other uses[edit]

  • Bug AS, a full service production company based in Norway
  • A digital on-screen graphic, of a broadcaster's logo
  • A union label, a label, mark or emblem which advertises that the employees who make a product or provide a service are represented by the labor union or group of unions whose label appears, in order to attract customers who prefer to buy union-made products
  • Buginese language, ISO 639 code "bug"

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