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Bughchu, the instrument

Bugchu (Punjabi: ਬੁਘਚੂ), also spelled as Bughchu, Bugdu or Bughdu, is a traditional musical instrument native to the Punjab region.[1][2] It is used in various cultural activities like folk music and folk dances[3] such as bhangra,[4] Malwai Giddha[5] etc. It is a simple but unique instrument made of wood. Its shape is much similar to damru,[5] an Indian musical instrument. It makes a sound similar to its name, "bugchoo".

Design and playing[edit]

It is an hourglass-shaped gourd with stretched skin on heads. A thick cord or string pierces the center of the skin and a knob of wood is tied to the other end of the string.[6]

The instrument is held in a crook of the arm and the string is held in the palm of the same hand that holds the instruments.[6] Then the taut string is plucked with the other hand's fingers or with a striker to produce a unique sound.[6]

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