Bugesera District

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Bugesera District
Shown within Eastern Province and Rwanda
Shown within Eastern Province and Rwanda
Country Rwanda
Province Eastern
Capital Nyamata
 • Total 1,288 km2 (497 sq mi)
Population (2012 census)
 • Total 361,914
 • Density 280/km2 (730/sq mi)

Bugesera is a district (akarere) in Eastern Province, Rwanda. Its capital is Nyamata.

The district is the location of two memorial sites of the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda at Ntarama and Nyamata.


Bugesera comprises areas south of Kigali, which were formerly in the Kigali Ngali province, around the town of Nyamata. The area is prone to droughts, and has been earmarked as the location for a possible new international airport to serve Kigali, 40 km away, and the rest of the nation, replacing Kigali International Airport.

The area has a higher average daytime temperature than the Rwandan average, and lower precipitation, which sometimes lead to droughts.


Bugesera district is divided into 15 sectors (imirenge): Gashora, Juru, Kamabuye, Ntarama, Mareba, Mayange, Musenyi, Mwogo, Ngeruka, Nyamata, Nyarugenge, Rilima, Ruhuha, Rweru and Shyara.

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