Bugrinsky Bridge

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Bugrinsky Bridge
Бургинский мост с воздуха.jpg
Bugrinsky Bridge from an airplane
Coordinates 54°58′35″N 82°57′40″E / 54.976258°N 82.961103°E / 54.976258; 82.961103Coordinates: 54°58′35″N 82°57′40″E / 54.976258°N 82.961103°E / 54.976258; 82.961103
CrossesOb River
LocaleNovosibirsk, Russia
DesignNetwork arch bridge
Total length2095.7 m
Width34.56 m
Longest span380 m[1]

The Bugrinsky Bridge (Russian: Бугри́нский мост, Bugrinsky Most) is a road bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The construction of the bridge began in February 2010 and finished in October 2014.[2][3] It is the third automobile bridge over the Ob River in the city of Novosibirsk.

The former name "Olovozavodskoy" bridge was later changed to Burginsky because it crosses the Bugrinskaya grove on the left bank of the Ob, which is located next to one of the world's largest tin factory. Former city Mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky noted that the name "Olovozavodskoy" is two decades old and already outdated. On December, 3rd 2013 a commission decided unanimously to name the third bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk as "Bugrinsky". The bridge was opened on 8 October 2014 by President Vladimir Putin.[1]



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Coordinates: 54°58′34.53″N 82°57′39.97″E / 54.9762583°N 82.9611028°E / 54.9762583; 82.9611028