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Baidini Bugiyal
View of Auli Bugyal.
View of Bedini Bugyal on the way to Roopkund.
View of a bugyal on the way to Tungnath

A Bugyal is a high altitude alpine grass lands, or meadows, in Uttarakhand, India. They are locally referred to as 'nature’s own gardens'. They can be flat or sloped, and are carpeted with green grass and seasonal flowers. These provide an excellent grazing ground and pastures for tribal herdsmen. At elevations ranging between 3300 metres and 4000 metres, these alpine meadows remain snow-covered in winter. In the summer, the meadows burst into a multitude of beautiful flowers and grass. The basins of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Bandarpunch have extensive bugyals. Bugyals have very fragile ecosystems, and hence need to be carefully managed.

Notable Bugyals[edit]

  1. Sarson Patal.
  2. Lata Kharak.
  3. Belta Kharak.
  1. Panwali & Kush-Kalyani. Between Gangotri and Kedarnath. Elevation 2745–3970 metres.
  2. Dayara, near Uttarkashi.
  3. Munsiyari Bugyal. In Pithoragarh district.
  4. Chhati Bugyal. In Chamoli District.
  5. Rikhade Bugyal. In Bhatti Village, Chamoli District.
  6. Jiolingkong
  7. Chaudas Bugyal
  • Dayara Bugyal
  1. Baun
  2. Panwali Bugyals. Elevation 4060 meters.
  3. Tali Bugyals
  • Ali Bugyal
  1. Chhiplakot Bugyal
  2. Byans Bugyal
  3. Darma Bugyal
  • Kushkalyan Bugyal
  1. Kiyarki Bugyal
  2. Bawani Bugyal