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A house in Buhwil.

Buhwil is a village and former municipality in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland.

It is first mentioned in 838 as Puabinwilare.[1] , The municipality had 320 inhabitants in 1850, which decreased to 283 in 1900, 282 in 1950 and 190 in 1980, and increased to 287 in 1990.[1]

In 1996, the municipality was merged with the other, neighboring municipalities Kradolf, Neukirch an der Thur and Schönenberg an der Thur to form a new and larger municipality Kradolf-Schönenberg.


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Coordinates: 47°31′37.81″N 9°9′57.56″E / 47.5271694°N 9.1659889°E / 47.5271694; 9.1659889