Bùi Bằng Đoàn

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Bùi Bằng Đoàn in 1933

Bùi Bằng Đoàn (September 19, 1889 – April 13, 1955) was a Vietnamese politician. He led the League for the National Union of Vietnam (Hội Liên hiệp quốc dân Việt Nam/Liên Việt) 1946-1951 and was Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

Bùi Bằng Đoàn's son Bùi Tín, a senior Communist Party editor, defected to France in 1990.[1]


  1. ^ David G. Marr Vietnam: State, War, and Revolution (1945–1946) 2013 Page 587 "Cù Huy Cận is best remembered for his early 1940s poetry (under the pen name of Huy Cận), while Bùi Bằng Đoàn is mostly recalled today as the father of Bùi Tín, ranking Communist Party editor who defected to the West in 1990."