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The Bui Bolg Street Theatre Company (Irish for “yellow belly”) was established in Wexford in 1994 by a group of art graduates aiming to bring art out on to the streets and make it accessible for all. Moreover, Bui Bolg is creating opportunities for artistic improvement of young people through developing ongoing Youth Street Arts programmes such as the Bui Bolg Youth Group.[1] Bui Bolg operates on social enterprise principles.

Bui Bolg’s first ever event was The St Patrick’s Parade on Wexford's quay front. Since then, Bui Bolg has gone on to tour the festival circuit appearing at events as diverse as SkyFest, Killarney Summer Fest and the Belfast Lord Mayor’s Parade. In recent years Bui Bolg has gone beyond Ireland and has been hosted by places such as the Stockton International Riverside Festival and the Beijing International Tourism and Culture Festival.

Bui Bolg’s portfolio includes – street theatre, spectacle, parades, festivals, inflatable artworks, arts education, giant puppets, props and design. Bui Bolg is the only designer and maker of inflatable artworks in Ireland. Bui Bolg received the Wexford Business Award 2011 in the Categories Employer of the Year, Civic and Small Business. Colm Lowney and Lucy Medlycott, both founder members of Bui Bolg, are also Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts.


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