Bui National Park

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Bui National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Bui National Park 2009.jpg
Map showing the location of Bui National Park
Map showing the location of Bui National Park
LocationBrong-Ahafo Region and Northern Region of Ghana
Nearest cityNsawkaw, Wenchi and Techiman
Coordinates8°18′N 2°22′W / 8.300°N 2.367°W / 8.300; -2.367Coordinates: 8°18′N 2°22′W / 8.300°N 2.367°W / 8.300; -2.367

The Bui National Park is found in Ghana. It was established in 1971. This site is 1820 km².[1] The reserve is notable for its Hippopotamus population in the Black Volta. The endangered black and white colobus monkey and a variety of antelopes and birds are also present.[2] Part of the park will be inundated by the reservoir of the Bui Dam, which has been under construction since 2009. The filling of the reservoir is expected to begin in 2011.[3]


Bui National Park is bisected by the Black Volta River; the section on the West of the river forms part of the Brong-Ahafo Region and the section on the East of the river forms part of the Savannah Region of Ghana. The park borders Ivory Coast on the West. The closest towns are Nsawkaw, Wenchi and Techiman.[4]


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