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Build Conference Logo.png
Status Inactive
Genre Web
Venue Waterfront Hall, The MAC
Location(s) Belfast
Country Northern Ireland
Inaugurated 2009
Most recent 2013
Attendance ~350
Organized by Andy McMillan

Build was a web design conference held in Belfast, Northern Ireland between 2009 and 2013.

The inaugural Build was held in 2009, in the Studio at the Waterfront Hall. The 5th and final Build took place in November 2013 at The MAC.


Build 2009[edit]

The first Build took place at the Waterfront Hall on 5 November 2009.[1]


Build 2010[edit]

The second Build saw a return to the Waterfront Hall, taking place between 8–12 November 2010.[2]


Build 2011[edit]

The third Build again took place at the Waterfront Hall, running from 7–11 November 2011.[3]


Build 2012[edit]

The penultimate Build returned for the last time to the Waterfront Hall, and ran from 12–16 November 2012.[4]


Build 2013[edit]

The final Build ran from 11–14 November 2013, this time at The MAC.[5]



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