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Buildix 1.1
Developer ThoughtWorks
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
License Various

Buildix is an operating system which can be used as a Live CD. It is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, developed by Global IT professional services firm, ThoughtWorks.

Buildix is aimed at helping agile developers to get their projects up and running quickly and easily. The bundled software includes the key ingredients for an agile software development project including: CruiseControl (a continuous integration server), Subversion (a revision control system), Trac (a project-management tool) and Mingle (a commercial tool that aids agile management).


Buildix is intended to run as a server and so the package list is initially quite small. There is no window manager installed which means that buildix has very modest hardware requirements. The most significant packages include:


Active development on Buildix has stopped, and will probably not resume.[1]

Last version, v2.1 released on 2008-05-02.[2]


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