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BITE is an acronym for built-in test equipment.[1] The BITE is characterized primarily as a passive fault management and diagnosis built into airborne systems to support the maintenance process. Built-in test equipment refers to multimeters, oscilloscopes, discharge probes, and frequency generators that are provided as part of the system to enable testing and perform diagnostics.

The acronym BIT is often used for this same function or, more specifically, in reference to the individual tests. BIT is an acronym for built-in test.

The term BIT often includes:

  • The detection of the fault
  • The accommodation of the fault (how the system actively responds to the fault)
  • The annunciation or logging of the fault to warn of possible effects and/or aid in troubleshooting the faulty equipment.


  • Analysis of failure monitoring results
  • Reporting and memorization of failures
  • Management of tests

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