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Type of business Private
Available in English
Founded 2007
Headquarters Manly, Australia
Area served United States, UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America
Founder(s) Gary Brewer
Key people Gary Brewer, CEO
Services Internet Research
Website http://builtwith.com

BuiltWith is an Internet services company based in Manly, Australia that launched in August, 2007.[1] Providing internet web technology trends information and website technology lookups.

The goal of BuiltWith is to help web developers, researchers and designers find out what technologies webpages are using which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves.

Internet trends[edit]

BuiltWith Trends[2] is a comprehensive resource of what technologies the web has been using since 2010, across the Internet's top one million most visited sites by traffic as ranked by Quantcast.[3] Its data is often quoted in Internet media reports related to internet technology trends.[4]

In 2010, John Resig opened the JQuery 2010 Keynote with statistics provided by BuiltWith Trends.[5]


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