Built to Spill Caustic Resin

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Built to Spill Caustic Resin
Built to Spill Caustic Resin.jpg
EP by Built to Spill and Caustic Resin
Released January 28, 1995
Genre Rock
Length 26:07
Label Up Records

Built to Spill Caustic Resin was an EP released by indie rock bands Built to Spill and Caustic Resin. The EP was less a split release by both bands and more a collaboration between the bands.

The album attributes the first two tracks to Built to Spill, the third to Caustic Resin and the last to Tae Won Yu from his time in the band Kicking Giant. It also lists Brett Netson as performing guitar and vocals on "Shit Brown Eyes" (Caustic Resin). Todd Dunnigan is listed as playing organ on "When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough" and moog on "One Thing".

The album was originally released with a cover featuring a photo featuring newly hatched fish larva and eggs,[1] which had been found in a trash can. However, the photo's owner complained, and the cover art was changed to the image shown here.

The album is Up Records release UP018.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[2]
Entertainment Weekly A–[3]
The New Rolling Stone Album Guide 2/5 stars[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough" – 9:17
  2. "One Thing" – 5:09
  3. "Shit Brown Eyes" – 3:28
  4. "She's Real" – 8:13


  • James Dillion - drums (Caustic Resin)
  • Doug Martsch - vocals and guitar (Built to Spill)
  • Tom Romich - bass (Caustic Resin)[5]

The track "Shit Brown Eyes" was engineered by Todd Dunnigan, and the rest were engineered by Phil Ek.[5]


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