Beyond the Darkness (film)

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Buio Omega
Italian film poster
Directed by Joe D'Amato
Produced by Marco Rossetti
Written by Ottavio Fabbri
Giacomo Guerrini
Starring Kieran Canter
Cinzia Monreale
Franca Stoppi
Music by Goblin
Cinematography Joe D'Amato
Edited by Ornella Micheli
Release date
  • 15 November 1979 (1979-11-15) (Italy)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Beyond the Darkness (Italian: Buio Omega/ The Final Darkness) aka Buried Alive, is a 1979 Italian horror film directed by Joe D'Amato.


Anna Völkl, the fiance of taxidermist Frank Wyler, dies of an illness in the hospital. But she was really killed via a voodoo doll that was handled by orphan Frank's jealous housekeeper, Iris. The housekeeper then breast feeds him for erotic lactation comfort. Frank injects Anna's body with preservative so that he can dig her body up and be with her forever. Unbeknownst to Frank, a funeral home employee sees him making the injection and becomes suspicious. Frank digs up Anna's body and stuffs her in his workshop. There are graphic scenes involving Frank's disemboweling of the girl, and his efforts to install glass eyes into her sockets.

Frank later picks up a stoned hitchhiker and brings her to his home. When she spots Anna's corpse, she panics and a struggle ensues. Frank tortures her by ripping off some of her fingernails with a pair of pliers before choking her to death. When Frank is not satisfied, Iris tries to comfort him once more, this time with a handjob. Iris chops up the hitchhiker's corpse in her bathtub and disposes of the pieces in a hole in the woods.

A few days later, a jogger twists her ankle around Frank's home and he invites her in. They have sex on his bed, until Frank can't resist showing off Anna's corpse right next to them. Once more a fight ensues. Frank bites her neck and eats a huge chunk of her flesh. He and Iris burn her corpse in the furnace downstairs.

Iris invites her old, eccentric relatives to dinner and announces her engagement to Frank. Yet Frank thinks otherwise and leaves her humiliated. The following day, while Iris is drunk and Frank is out for a jog, the funeral home employee enters Frank's home to investigate, where he discovers Anna's body. Startled, he immediately leaves. That night, Frank picks up a woman at a disco. Fortunately for her, Frank just sends her off due to the arrival of Anna's twin sister Elena. Elena faints on seeing Anna's corpse, and the housekeeper approaches her with a knife before Frank intervenes. Frank kills the housekeeper, but not before she badly injures him by stabbing him in the groin and ripping his left eye out. Frank, while Elena remains unconscious, incinerates Anna's body in the furnace so he can be with Elena. The funeral home employee then returns to confront Frank and finds him badly injured near the furnace in his basement. Frank passes out and the funeral home employee takes Elena, who he thinks is Anna's deceased body, and returns it to the funeral home where he places it in a coffin for burial. While he is sealing the coffin Elena awakens, pushes the coffin open, and lets out a blood curdling scream.


  • Kieran Canter as Frank Wyler
  • Cinzia Monreale as Anna Völkl / Elena Völkl
  • Franca Stoppi as Iris (housekeeper)
  • Sam Modesto as Mr. Kale
  • Anna Cardini as Jogging victim
  • Lucia D'Elia as Jan, hitch-hiker


Beyond the Darkness is a remake of the 1966 Italian giallo The Third Eye (Italian: Il terzo occhio)[1] Joe D'Amato remade the film as Beyond the Darkness, using a script actually written by Mino Guerrini's son, Giacomo Guerrini.[1]


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