Bujang Lapok

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Bujang Lapok
Directed by P. Ramlee
Written by P. Ramlee
Screenplay by P. Ramlee
Story by B. H. Chua
Music by
  • B. Yusuff
  • P. Ramlee
Cinematography A. Bakar Ali
Edited by HR Narayana
Distributed by Shaw Brothers
Release date
  • 30 November 1957 (1957-11-30)
  • Singapore
  • Malaya
Language Malay

Bujang Lapok (The three Over-aged Bachelors) is a 1957 Singaporean comedy film directed and acted by P.Ramlee. This film is the first Bujang Lapok films.


This film depicts the lives of three bachelors and best friends Ramli, Aziz and Sudin. The three of them share a rented room in a house owned by a wealthy widow, Cik Normah. The movie chronicles their challenges in love and how they overcome it. Ramli and Cik Normah are attracted to each other but are always held back by inopportune timing. Sudin is in love with Zaiton, the daughter of a wealthy family next door and who must endure her overbearing mother's prejudices. Also in the movie is Sapiah, whom Cik Normah occasionally helps due to her troubles with her alcoholic gambler of a father. After one more incident which forces Sapiah to run away from home, she tries to drown herself in the river but is rescued by Aziz who then begins to spend a lot more time with her and they subsequently fall in love.

This movie was filmed in various parts of Singapore notably Punggol, Tanjong Changi, Geylang Serai, Kampong Melayu Malay Settlement (Eunos Crescent), Ulu Bedok, Balestier Road's (Jalan Ampas), Bukit Timah and depicts vividly how life was like back in the 50s and the challenges faced by people living in the 'kampungs' (villages).


  • P. Ramlee as Ramli
  • S. Shamsuddin as Sudin
  • Aziz Sattar as Aziz
  • Normadiah as Normah
  • Zaiton as Zaiton
  • Dayang Sofia as Sapiah
  • Siti Tanjung Perak as Kak Siti
  • Rohayu Maaji as Ayu
  • M. Babjan as Bapa Sapiah
  • Saamah as Ibu Sudin
  • Shariff Dol as Sharif
  • Malek Sutan Muda as Tuan Malik
  • Prani Prawat
  • Nen Junainah
  • Rokiah
  • Kemat Hassan
  • M. Rafee
  • Bibah
  • Nyong Ismail


  • Director: P. Ramlee
  • Assistants: S. Sudarmadji (Director), Yaakob Mahmud (Camera), Chua Soh Tong & P.V Jhon (Sound), K.K Raman (Editors), Kassim Masdor (Music)
  • Story: B. H. Chua
  • Continuity: Kassim Masdor
  • Lyrics: S. Sudarmadji
  • Orchestra: B. Yusoff
  • Playback Singers: Asiah, Nen Junaidah, Normadiah, Jasni, P.Ramlee
  • Sound Designer: Kamal Mustafa
  • Art Director: Mustafa Yassin


  • Tunggu Sekejap (Opening Theme-Instrumental)
  • Nak Dara Rindu
  • Resam Dunia (Dunia ini Hanya Palsu)


The films has inspire 2007 animation Budak Lapok.

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