Bujar Qamili

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Bujar Qamili (born in Shkodër on October 21, 1963) is a popular Albanian singer.


Bujar Qamili was born in Shkodër, on 28 October 1963. He began his singing career in concerts for children, which were organized at schools. Here arose the first sparks of his talent in music. Later, he joined a local "Youth Group". His professional career on stage started in 1974 and continued until the present day. He is married and had 2 sons.


Bujar Qamili earned a lot of prizes during his long career, the most important of which are:

- First prize at the Song Festival in Shkodrane

- Second prize in the "Evening of Folk Music"

- Third prize in the show "Hollywood 12"

- First prize in "Marathon Albanian folk song"

- First prize at "Festival of Song Nationwide Albanian People" in Elbasan

Bujar Qamili has also won the Golden Disk Albanian folk song. Recently, the singer received the award from the Festival "Folk Universe". For his contribution to music, he has obtained the highest accolade for a singer; the title of "Singer of the Order, Golden Frashëri".