Bukan Bintang Biasa

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Bukan Bintang Biasa
Bukan Bintang Biasa.jpg
Directed by Lasja Fauzia
Written by Melly Goeslaw
Titien Wattimena
Starring Laudya Cynthia Bella
Raffi Ahmad
Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Dimas Beck
Narrated by Park Jeong-woo (since 2010)
Music by Melly Goeslaw
Distributed by Maxima Pictures
CJ Entertainment
Country Indonesia
South Korea
Language Indonesian

Bukan Bintang Biasa (English: Not Just An Ordinary Star) is a 2007 Indonesian comedy film directed by Lasja Fauzia and aired on Indonesia and South Korea.



In January 2010, the Kyunghyang Shinmun reports, the Indonesian music groups are coming to South Korea on May 27, 2010. This music groups like Bukan Bintang Biasa and Potret Band will show Korean peoples in concert with K-pop. At November 19, 2010, the station Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation said the film that written by Melly Goeslaw and Lasja Fauzia will come on December 2, 2010 according MBC 49th Anniversary. On the next year, 2012, Bukan Bintang Biasa (Ani Botong-byeol) will be made to TV series about Korean Drama on MBC.

On October 21, 2011, the heads of MBC, CJ Entertainment and Maxima Pictures signed an agreement of partnership. MBC will release 200 episodes on this drama.The files will be divided into 10-minute clips with advertisement in between. MBC is also interested in holding a K-pop concert at the head office of CJ Entertainment and Maxima Pictures to celebrate the partnership. The concert will be broadcast live worldwide through MBC.

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