Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Bukhtarma Hydroelectriс Power Plant
Bukhtarminskoe 2.jpg
The Bukhtarma Reservoir
Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Kazakhstan
Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location of Bukhtarma Hydroelectriс Power Plant in Kazakhstan
Country Kazakhstan
Location Serebryansk
Coordinates 49°39′40″N 83°20′52″E / 49.66111°N 83.34778°E / 49.66111; 83.34778Coordinates: 49°39′40″N 83°20′52″E / 49.66111°N 83.34778°E / 49.66111; 83.34778
Status Active
Commission date 1960, 1966
Owner(s) Kazzinc
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Hydropower
Power generation
Units operational 9
Nameplate capacity 675 MW[1]

The Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant (Kazakh: Бұқтырма Су Электр Стансасы, Buqtırma Su Élektr Stansası; Russian: Бухтарминская ГЭС, Buchtarminskaja GES) is a hydroelectric power plant on the Irtysh River 5 kilometres (3 mi) upstream of the town of Serebryansk, in East Kazakhstan Province of Kazakhstan. "Bukhtarma" or "Buqtyrma" is a Kazakh word that can be translated as "ambush; blocking".

The plant has 9 individual turbines[2] with a total generating capacity of 675 megawatts and generates 2.77 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The plant is operated by Kazzinc under a long-term concession. It is integrated into Kazakhstan's national electricity system and is used as a peak producer to regulate supply.[2]

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