Bukit Batu

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Bukit Batu

Bukit Batu is a mukim (subdivision) in Kulai District, Johor, Malaysia. Bukit Batu means "Hill of Rock" in Malay. Kulai Municipal Council administer the town.


A mainly Hakka community, the majority of the villagers subname is "Chong". The mukim has 14,147 people.[1]


The village's legend, about hundred years ago, the tiger Kalimantan conquered and chaos this area, and Chong successfully lead a group of villagers to stop and kill the tiger. During WW2, the Japanese conquered this village; with the help of Chong, the villagers survived and successfully stopped the Japanese coming into the village.


Most villagers are oil plantation owners, and most live in bungalows. The richest guy is this village is Chong who build up village's economy with plantations and transportation.


Coordinates: 1°40′N 111°36′E / 1.667°N 111.600°E / 1.667; 111.600