Bukit Beruntung

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Bukit Beruntung is a township in Selangor, Malaysia. It is located near Serendah in Hulu Selangor district. This township is developed by Talam Corporation Berhad. It is accessible via a Bukit Beruntung Interchange EXIT 118 of the North-South Expressway Northern Route E1, the 3208 Jalan Bukit Beruntung trunk road from Sg. Choh (after the JKR Hulu Selangor border sign and the Petronas station) and a shortcut road from Rasa. The Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Club is situated in this township.

Development It is accessible and it is a community that works together in ensuring the safety of its surroundings and the environment. There is a TESCO warehouse, a golf and country club, a main local supermarket, gas stations, clinics, elementary schools, secondary schools and a Public bank. It has a main mosque as well as other places of worship for other community members. Local stores and a wet market are an important part of this community as well. It is a developing community as there is a lot of land left unowned.