Bukit Bintang (Selangor federal constituency)

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Bukit Bintang
Selangor constituency
Defunct federal constituency
LegislatureDewan Rakyat
Constituency created1958
Constituency abolished1974
First contested1959
Last contested1969

Bukit Bintang was a federal constituency in Selangor, Malaysia, that was represented in the Dewan Rakyat from 1959 to 1974.

The federal constituency was created in the 1958 redistribution and was mandated to return a single member to the Dewan Rakyat under the first past the post voting system.


Representation history[edit]

Members of Parliament for Bukit Bintang
Parliament Years Member Party
Constituency created in the state of Selangor
Parliament of the Federation of Malaya
1st 1959-1963 Cheah Theam Swee Alliance (MCA)
Parliament of Malaysia
1st 1963-1964 Cheah Theam Swee Alliance (MCA)
2nd 1964-1969 Tan Toh Hong
1969-1971 Parliament was suspended[1][2]
3rd 1971-1972 Yeoh Teck Chye Gerakan
1972-1974 PEKEMAS
Constituency abolished, renamed to Kuala Lumpur Bandar

Election results[edit]

Malaysian general election, 1969
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Gerakan Yeoh Teck Chye 18,488 66.92
Alliance Tan Toh Hong 9,137 33.08
Total valid votes 27,625 100.00
Total rejected ballots 1,410
Unreturned ballots
Turnout 29,035 57.35
Registered electors 50,631
Majority 9,351
Gerakan gain from Alliance Swing ?
Malaysian general election, 1964
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Alliance Tan Toh Hong 9,107 42.51
PAP Wong Lin Ken 6,667 31.12
Socialist Front Ishak Muhammad 5,000 23.34
PMIP Abdul Aziz Ismail 650 3.03
Total valid votes 21,424 100.00
Total rejected ballots 676
Unreturned ballots
Turnout 22,100 65.70
Registered electors 33,636
Majority 2,440
Alliance hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 1959
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Alliance Cheah Theam Swee 6,134 37.33
Independent Robert K. C. Koh 5,434 33.07
Socialist Front Mohamed Nazar Nong 4,593 27.95
Independent Heng Cheng Swee 270 1.64
Total valid votes 16,431 100.00
Total rejected ballots 79
Unreturned ballots
Turnout 16,510 66.08
Registered electors 24,984
Majority 700
This was a new constituency created.


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