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Bukit Gombak Single Member Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 武吉甘柏單選區;Simplified Chinese: 武吉甘柏单选区) is a defunct Single Member Constituency in the western area in Singapore. The seat consisted of Bukit Gombak New Town with is made up of Bukit Gombak MRT station and a few private housing estates such as the Hillview area. It was formed in 1988 which was crafted by 1984's Bukit Batok SMC. In the first election Dr Seet Ai Mee won against Ling How Doong on her first stint in politics, and was defeated 3 years later in 1991.

Ling was defeated in his second election for the seat by Ang Mong Seng with a 3rd candidate taking a small portion of the votes. His share of the votes in subsequent elections dropped including in 2001 (Nee Soon Central SMC[1]) and 2006 (Bukit Panjang SMC[2]) where his votes share hovered at around 20% instead of 40%+. This includes his first attempt on Chong Boon SMC.[3]

Since then, in 2001, Bukit Gombak SMC was absorbed into Hong Kah GRC and the seat was since then abolished.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Constituency abolished (2001 - present)

Candidates and results[edit]

Elections in 1990s[edit]

General Election 1997: Bukit Gombak
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Ang Mong Seng 15,229 65.2 +16.6
SDP Ling How Doong 6,643 28.4 -23.0
SPP Syed Farid Wajidi 1,506 6.4 +6.4
Majority 7,080 30.3 +31.7
Turnout 23,819 95.6 -0.1
PAP gain from SDP Swing +16.6
General Election 1991: Bukit Gombak
Party Candidate Votes % ±
SDP Ling How Doong 12,037 51.4 +4.9
PAP Seet Ai Mee 11,383 48.6 -4.9
Majority 654 2.8 +6.3
Turnout 23,879 95.7 +0.2
SDP gain from PAP Swing +4.9

Elections in 1980s[edit]

General Election 1988: Bukit Gombak
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Seet Ai Mee 12,661 53.5 N/A
SDP Ling How Doong 11,024 46.5 N/A
Majority 1,637 7.0 N/A
Turnout 24,086 95.5 N/A
PAP win (new seat)


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