Bukit Tabur

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Coordinates: 3°14′5″N 101°44′52″E / 3.23472°N 101.74778°E / 3.23472; 101.74778

Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur is a hill located in Selangor, Malaysia. It is also known locally as Bukit Hangus. The hill is very prominent as it is part of Klang Gates Quartz Ridge and can be seen from the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2. The hill, which is less than 500 metres, is a quartz ridge. Climbers enter the hiking trail via Kampung Klang Gates, 50 metres from the gates of the Klang Gates Dam, at the back of Taman Melawati for a 3-4 hour climb. The Gombak Forest Reserve and Klang Gates Dam are beside the hill. The peak offers view of the dam and panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur from the north. Several endemic species of plant such as Aleisanthia rupestris are known to grow here.[1]

The hiking trail to Bukit Tabur can be found at 3°14′1″N 101°44′55″E / 3.23361°N 101.74861°E / 3.23361; 101.74861 (trailhead).

Bukit Tabur is divided into the eastern and western section by the dam. Most hikers are familiar with the western section. The eastern side offers more challenging hikes but is said to be steeper and riskier if unfamiliar with the trail.

There has been a series of accidents on the trail including several fatal mishaps. It is likely that more restrictions will be imposed on hikers on this trail.

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