Bulambuli District

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Bulambuli District
District location in Uganda
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 01°22′N 34°09′E / 1.367°N 34.150°E / 1.367; 34.150Coordinates: 01°22′N 34°09′E / 1.367°N 34.150°E / 1.367; 34.150
Country Uganda
RegionEastern Region, Uganda
Sub-divisionBugisu sub-region
 • Land651.8 km2 (251.7 sq mi)
 (2012 Estimate)
 • Total125,400
 • Density192.4/km2 (498/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bulambuli District is a district in Eastern Uganda. The district is named after 'chief town', Bulambuli, where the district headquarters are located.


Bulambuli District is bordered by Nakapiripirit District to the north, Kapchorwa District to the east, Sironko District to the south and Bukedea District to the west.[1] Bulambuli, the district headquarters, is located approximately 32 kilometres (20 mi), by road, northeast of Mbale, the largest city in the sub-region.[2] The coordinates of the district are:01 22N, 34 09E.


Bulambuli District was created by Act of the Ugandan Parliament, in 2009, and became operational on 1 July 2010. Prior to that, the district was part of Sironko District. The terrain in the southern part of the district is mountainous and is prone to flash flooding.[3] The northern part of the district, closer to Nakapiripirit District, is more dry and is prone to clean water shortages.[4]


In 1991, the national population census estimated the district population at about 64,600. The next national census in 2002 estimated the population of the district at about 97,300. In 2012, the population of Bulambuli District was estimated at approximately 125,400.[5]

Economic activities[edit]

Subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry are the two main economic activities in the district. Crops grown include:

Prominent people[edit]

Some of the prominent people from the district include the following:

  • Engineer Irene Nafuna Muloni - Electrical engineer, businesswoman and politician. Current Minister of oil, energy and minerals in Uganda's cabinet. Member of Parliament for Bulambuli District Women's Representative in Uganda's 9th parliament (2011 - 2016).

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