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Bulan may refer to:


Other uses[edit]

  • Bulan means 'moon' in several Malayan languages
  • Bulan, Philippine moon goddess, daughter of Bathala; also known as Mayari fairest in the heavens.
  • Bulan, Philippine moon deity that was worshiped in ancient Bicol and some parts of Visayas and was the consort of the god of death Sidapa. Bulan was a male deity a pubescent Androgynous boy with extreme beauty. A town in Sorsogon Bicol was named after him
  • Bulan, Linamin at Bulan literally means god of the moon, was a deity worshiped for his pale skin and beauty by the tribes in Palawan
  • Bulan (Khazar), a Khazar ruler of the eighth or ninth century CE, who converted to Judaism
  • Bulan, a word in Romanian, is a long object like a club or a leg, sometimes used in slang as "pulan" (to resemble the slang word for penis) especially for Police baton. It's also used in expressions like "a avea bulan" (literally, to have bulan) meaning "to be lucky" or derived as "bulănos" ("who has thick legs" or "who is lucky") or "bulangiu" (slang word for "homosexual").