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Buleda بُليدا‬ is located in Pakistan
Buleda بُليدا‬
Coordinates: 26°11′N 63°48′E / 26.18°N 63.8°E / 26.18; 63.8Coordinates: 26°11′N 63°48′E / 26.18°N 63.8°E / 26.18; 63.8
Country  Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Elevation 661 m (2,169 ft)
Population (1998)
 • Total 39,023
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Union councils Buladai were the last ruling tribe of Balochistan[citation needed] before the British Raj and they are the descendants of Bealaida the son of Belus the Babylon King[citation needed].

Buleda (Balochi and Urdu: بُليدا‎), is a small valley and a Tehsil of Kech District in Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is a part of Makran Division situated in the north of Kech. It is located at an altitude of 503 meters (1653 feet) within the two arms of the central Makran range the Buledai or Kech band being on the south and the Zamuran Hills on the north.

It is a valley with the Gishkaur running through it, expanding here and there into large pools from which water for irrigation is taken in artificial channels, one of which the jawan mardan resembles a small canal. It is known for the abundance of its pasturage, and possesses a fairly extensive irrigated area and many date groves.

Buleda is said to have been the home of Buledai dynasty, there are many Dambis or cairns of the banks of a hill called the Dambani Kaur. The number of permanent Union councils is six, the principal among which are Sulo, Chib, Bit, Mainaz and Koshk. The inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. The tribes living in the valley are, Buledai, Kahudai, Rind, Kushk, Khosag Yallanzai, Tajozai, Shambezai, Sanghur, Barr, Rakhshani, Askani, Gicki, and Koh baloch.[1]


The town is located in southwest of the Balochistan province in Pakistan it is situated north of Turbat close to Iranian border. Buleda was a major city of Baloch tribe and it was named Buledi after the city. The sardars when came for taking taxes from Zamuran so they were defeated by zamurani tribe shambezai and they went back.And Zamuran is the most rural populated and least developed area in Tehsil Buleda main tribes in Zamuran are Shambezai, Mohmad zai, Buledai, Duraazai, Askani, Kohda, shay and Raseey tribes. Also, Mir Kohda Gamani kalat is present at Soorag Zamuran.

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