Bulgaria–Croatia relations

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Bulgarian-Croatian relations
Map indicating locations of Bulgaria and Croatia



Bulgarian-Croatian relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and Croatia. Both countries established diplomatic relations on August 13, 1992. Bulgaria has an embassy in Zagreb. Croatia has an embassy in Sofia.


In the 9th and 10th centuries, there had been Croatian-Bulgarian wars. For the rest of the period prior to 1992, there had been no special crisis or event that required bilateral diplomacy from Croatians and Bulgarians as self-representing nations. However, as two South Slavic nations in relatively close proximity, both nations have been party to some form of diplomatic mission throughout the centuries, whether between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice (which controlled Croatia's coastal region for some centuries), or during the 20th century when Croatia had been part of Yugoslavia and various attempts were made from within Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to incorporate Bulgaria into the Pan-South Slavic nation.

World Wars[edit]

In World War II, Bulgaria and the Independent State of Croatia fought on the side of Nazi Germany.

Recent incidents[edit]

In a UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match, Bulgaria lost 0-1 to Croatia. For the match, Serb fans had come to Bulgaria to encourage Bulgarians to cause trouble with the Croats. Flares were later thrown into the stadium, and fighting began. After ending the match, violence erupted between Croatian fans on one side and Bulgarians and Serbs on the other.

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