Bulgaria–Croatia relations

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Bulgarian-Croatian relations
Map indicating locations of Bulgaria and Croatia



Bulgarian-Croatian relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and Croatia. Both countries established diplomatic relations on August 13, 1992. Bulgaria has an embassy in Zagreb. Croatia has an embassy in Sofia.


The relationship is dated back to the Croatian-Bulgarian wars in the beginning of medieval Europe. The conflict had been in the 9th and 10th centuries and from then no more conflict between two nations appeared.

World Wars[edit]

In both World War I and World War II, Bulgaria and Croatia were allies and both of them fought against Russia and England.

Recent conflict[edit]

Despite Croatia and Bulgaria not having as much conflict as Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Albania, the rising nationalism in Europe is threatening the relationship.

In UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying, Bulgaria lost 0-1 to Croatia. But before the match, some Serbian fans had come to Bulgaria and supported Bulgarians to attack Croatian goods in Sofia. Flares were later thrown into the stadium, and fighting began. After ending the match, Croatian fans fought against Bulgarian and Serbian fans.

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