Bulgaria–Czech Republic relations

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Bulgaria-Czech republic relations
Map indicating locations of Bulgaria and Czech Republic


Czech Republic

Bulgaria–Czech republic relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia were established on September 27, 1920, after ratification of Neuilly treaty. They were severed on June 1, 1939 and were restored on October 10, 1945. Interwar relations were deeply influenced by Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakian ally, but Bulgarian rival. Czechoslovakia had to balance between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. The most important aspect of Bulgaria–Czechoslovakia relationship was trade. The Czechoslovakian interwar export to Bulgaria varied between 3% and 11% of the Bulgarian import. Otherwise it was about 0.5%. Czechoslovakian export was slowly forced out by Germany in the late thirties, but not as much as France or United Kingdom.

On December 23, 1992, Bulgaria recognised the Czech Republic and established diplomatic relations with it at the level of embassies as of January 1, 1993.

Bulgaria has an embassy and an honorary consulate in Prague. Czech Republic has an embassy in Sofia and an honorary consulate in Varna.

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