Bulgaria–Mongolia relations

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Bulgarian-Mongolian relations
Map indicating locations of Bulgaria and Mongolia



Bulgaria–Mongolia relations, are the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Mongolia. Bulgaria has an embassy in Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia has an embassy in Sofia.


The Mongol Empire invaded Bulgaria in 1242. This weakened the kingdom and it began losing territory to its neighbors.[1] Diplomatic relations between the two countries were first initiated on 22 April 1950. Due to the similar ideological situation in both countries, their relations witnessed a steady development up until the 1990s.[citation needed]


The Mongolian president Natsagiin Bagabandi visited Bulgaria in 2000. Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov making an official visit to Ulaanbaatar in the summer of 2007.[2]


Until the beginning of the 1990s Bulgaria was Mongolia's 3rd biggest trading partner. Agricultural products and light industry goods were the main exports. Due to the subsequent economical and political changes in both countries the volume of trade shrank considerably. The volume of trade between Bulgaria and Mongolia totaled $2 million for 2008, with the main exporter being Bulgaria.[3]


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