Bulgaria–Romania relations

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Bulgarian-Romanian relations
Map indicating locations of Bulgaria and Romania



Bulgarian-Romanian relations are foreign relations between Bulgaria and Romania. Bulgaria has an embassy in Bucharest. Romania has an embassy in Sofia and 2 honorary consulates (in Burgas and Silistra). There are between 8,000 and 30,000 Bulgarians who are living in Romania and around 11,000 Romanians who are living in Bulgaria.

Both countries are full members of NATO and of the European Union. Both countries share 608 km of common borders, mostly along the Danube.

Bulgarian relations with Romania featured regular official visits by the two presidents. Romanian-Bulgarian relations are developing "very intensively" because of EU accession, since Romania and Bulgaria both joined the European Union in 2007. Romania and Bulgaria have never had any serious conflicts, other than a territorial dispute over the Dobruja region in 1913-1940, ended with the Craiova Treaty and now largely forgotten. There are close relations between Ruse and Giurgiu which have one of the two bridges on the Danube in the section shared by the two countries, the Danube Bridge. The other bridge is the New Europe Bridge located between Vidin and Calafat, its construction was completed in June, 2013.


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