Bulgarian Folk Songs

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Bulgarian Folk Songs, Zagreb,1861

Bulgarian Folk Songs[1][note 1] (Cyrillic: Бѫлгарски народни пѣсни,[note 2] modern Bulgarian: Български народни песни, Macedonian: Бугарски народни песни) is a collection of folk songs and traditions from the regions of Macedonia and Thrace published in 1861 by the Miladinov brothers. The materials were collected in the areas of Sofia, Panagyurishte, Strumica, Kostur, Voden, Veles, Debar, Kukush, Prilep, Ohrid, Struga and Bitola. The book represents an anthology of 660 folk songs, but also folk legends, traditions, rituals, names, riddles, and proverbs.[2] It was published in Zagreb in 1861, under the patronage of the Croatian bishop Joseph Strossmayer. The second edition came out in 1891, in the Principality of Bulgaria.


  1. ^ The book is also known in the Republic of Macedonia as the Anthology of the Miladinov brothers (Macedonian: Зборникот на Миладиновци).
  2. ^ The original title of the book was written in an unstandardized Cyrilic alphabet.


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