Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party

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Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party

Българска Национал-Социалистическа Работническа Партия
LeaderHristo Kunchev
Founded1932 (1932)
Dissolved1934 (1934) (banned)
HeadquartersFormerly Sofia, Bulgaria
IdeologyNational Socialism
Bulgarian nationalism
Political positionFar-right
ReligionBulgarian Orthodox Church
Party flag
Flag nsbrp.svg

The Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party (Bulgarian language: Българска Национал-Социалистическа Работническа Партия) was a Nazi party based in the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

It was one of a number of anti-Semitic groups to emerge in Bulgaria after the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, with other notable groups including the Union of Bulgarian National Legions and Ratnik.[1] The party was established by Doctor Hristo Kunchev or Kuntscheff in 1932, who had studied medicine in Berlin.[2] The party sought to copy the Nazi Party by adopting the National Socialist Program, the swastika and other symbols of the German party.[2] Unlike some of its competitors on the far right like the Union of Bulgarian National Legions and the Ratniks, it was not a very influential group and had a relatively small membership.[3] The party published a newspaper called Attack!, similar to Der Angriff of Joseph Goebbels. After the Bulgarian Communist Party established the People's Republic of Bulgaria the party was banned.


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