Bulgarian Republic Football Championship

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Bulgarian Republic Football Championship
Bulgarian Republican Champ Trophy.png
Bulgarian Republic Football Championship trophy
Sport Football
Founded 1945
No. of teams various
Country Bulgaria Bulgaria
Ceased 1948
Most titles Levski Sofia
(2-time champions)
Related competitions State Championship
A Professional Football Group

The Republic Football Championship was a national football competition in Bulgaria, successor of the State Championship. It was organised for only four years between 1945 and 1948. After 1948 it was reorganised as a Republic Football Group.


The championship was a knockout tournament featuring clubs that had finished at the top of six regional divisions. These divisions were round-robin tournaments that included football clubs from different geographic areas.


Season Champion
1945 Lokomotiv Sofia
1946 Levski Sofia
1947 Levski Sofia
1948 Septemvri pri CDV