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Slogan Свободната енциклопедия (Svobodnata entziklopedia,
English: The Free Encyclopedia)
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Internet encyclopedia project
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Available in Bulgarian
Users 190122
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Creative Commons ShareAlike License 3.0
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Launched 6 December 2003

The Bulgarian Wikipedia (Bulgarian: Българоезична Уикипедия) is the Bulgarian-language edition of Wikipedia. It is written in Bulgarian (Cyrillic) Alphabet and as of 14 February 2016 it has 213133 articles. It was founded on 6 December 2003, and on 12 June 2015 passed the 200,000 articles threshold.


At this moment Bulgarian Wikipedia has 190122 registered users and 848 of them were actively working on articles during the last 30 days. Bulgarian Wikipedia has Bulgarian alphabet (Cyrillic) interface and users can include Cyrillic letters for their Wikipedia names although the common practice is that the user name is registered in Latin alphabet and the userboxes and all other personal content is in Cyrillic. This is also due to the need of one username for all Wikipedia languages registrations and edits while many of the Bulgarian Wikipedians also contribute to the English, French, etc. Wikipedias where Cyrillic nicknames maybe hard to read or guess.


Growth of articles number in Bulgarian Wikipedia
Bulgarian web award received in 2009, Bulgarian Wikipedia was nominated Bg Site for its contributions to the development of the Bulgarian web.

The Bulgarian Wikipedia was created on 6 December 2003. In 2005 Bulgarian Wikipedia added its 20,000th article and was the 21st largest Wikipedia at the time. Later in 2007 it was the 30th largest Wikipedia by article count, with over 50,000 articles.[1][2] On 24 May 2010, the distinctive Wikipedia globe logo for the Bulgarian Wikipedia was temporarily altered to include the number 100,000 to commemorate the 100,000 article milestone, it became the 32nd largest Wikipedia by size and now it holds 36th place with more than 150,000 articles.


  • On 3 October 2004, the 10,000th article was created.
  • On 26 December 2007, the 50,000th article.
  • On 24 May 2010, the 100,000th article.
  • On 17 July 2013, the 150,000th article and
  • On 12 June 2015, the 200,000th article.


As of March 2010 Bulgarian Wikipedia uses only Commons for pictures and multimedia uploads and local uploads are switched off. The existing files are gradually moved to Commons.


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