Bulgarian presidential election, 2006

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Bulgarian presidential election, 2006
← 2001 22 October 2006 (first round)
29 October 2006 (second round)
2011 →
Turnout 44.3% (1st round), 42.8% (2nd)
  Georgi Parvanov.jpg Volen Siderov Flickr.jpg
Nominee Georgi Parvanov Volen Siderov
Running mate Angel Marin Pavel Shopov
Popular vote 2,050,488 649,387
Percentage 75.9% 24.1%

President before election

Georgi Parvanov

Elected President

Georgi Parvanov

Presidential elections (Bulgarian: Избори за президент на България, Izbori za prezident na Balgariya) were held in Bulgaria on 22 October 2006, as decided on 27 July 2006 by the Bulgarian Parliament.[1] The runoff took place on 29 October 2006, while the electoral campaign spanned 19 September–20 October. At the election, Georgi Parvanov won his second and final term as President of Bulgaria.

Some of the right-wing parties were disunited at the time but still chose to support a common candidate, Nedelcho Beronov. Prime minister and head of the Socialist Party Sergey Stanishev expressed his strong support for the current president, Georgi Parvanov, in July 2006,[2] and Parvanov officially stated his desire to run for a second term on 25 August 2006.[3] He was also backed by the other two members of the then ruling Triple coalition - NDSV and DPS.

In the first round, incumbent Georgi Parvanov received 64% of the vote, ahead of nationalist leader Volen Siderov who came second with 21.5%.[4] Parvanov had to face him in a runoff, as Bulgarian law requires a turnout of 50% for a president to be elected in the first round.[5] The voter turnout in the first round was 42.51%.[6] The defeated right-wing forces called for abstention, while some far-left formations[citation needed] expressed their support for Siderov.

The second round saw a decisive Parvanov victory of around 75.9% as opposed to Siderov's 24.1%,[7] meaning that Parvanov became the first person to be democratically re-elected as President of Bulgaria.[8] The turnout was 41.21%.[6]


e • d Summary of the 2006 Bulgarian presidential election results:
Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Georgi Parvanov Bulgarian Socialist Party 1,780,119 64.047% 2,050,488 75.948%
Volen Siderov Attack 597,175 21.486% 649,387 24.052%
Nedelcho Beronov Union of Democratic Forces 271,078 9.753%
Georgi Markov Order, Law and Justice 75,478 2.716%
Petar Beron Initiative committee 21,812 0.785%
Grigor Velev Аll in one Bulgaria 19,857 0.714%
Lyuben Petrov Initiative committee 13,854 0.498%
Total / turnout 2,856,734 (44.3%) 100.000% 2,757,441 (42.8%) 100.000%

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