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Bulge may refer to:

Astronomy and geography[edit]

  • Bulge (astronomy), a tightly packed group of stars at the center of a spiral galaxy
  • Equatorial bulge, a bulge around the equator of a planet due to rotation
  • Tharsis bulge, vast volcanic plateau centered near the equator in Mars’ western hemisphere
  • Tidal bulge, a bulge of land or water on a planet created by the pull of another object in orbit


  • Bulge, a discontinuity in an extended military front line
    • Battle of the Bulge, a major World War II German offensive on the Western front starting in 1944
  • Anti-torpedo bulge, passive warship defence against naval torpedoes between the World War I and World War II



  • Beta bulge, a localized disruption of the regular hydrogen bonding of a beta sheet
  • Bulge bracket, the world's largest and most profitable multi-national investment banks
  • Earth bulge, a term used in telecommunications
  • Power bulge, raised part (a bulge) of the hood (bonnet) of a car
  • The Bulge, a mountain located in Coos County, New Hampshire

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