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Bulgurca was a village about 20 km south of Izmir, Turkey. Bulgurca's geographical coordinates are 38° 9' 35" North, 27° 8' 44" East.[1]


At a central rural location, Bulgurca was a well catered and popular village with health centre,[2] primary and secondary schools,[3] wide array of shops and trades alongside a strong farming community.

By the end of 1997, Bulgurca was demolished for Tahtali Dam and residents along with those living in nearby villages were relocated to Pancar plains, about 5 km away from the original location.[3]

Bulgurca was also an excavation site: Bakla Tepe.[4][5]

Notable people[edit]

Haris Alexiou, a Greek singer, was a daughter of an Anatolian Greek family who migrated in 1924 from Bulgurca.

Bulgurca in media[edit]

A European Union committee of 18 educators visited Bulgurca Primary School.[6]


Coordinates: 38°9′35″N 27°8′44″E / 38.15972°N 27.14556°E / 38.15972; 27.14556