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Bulktix Logo
Type of business Private
Type of site e-commerce
Founded Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Area served United States
Products Discount Movie Tickets, Discount Snack Vouchers, Gift Cards
Website Bulktix.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 3,560,432 (August 2015)[1]
Launched 2007 (2007)
Current status Active

Bulktix.com, founded in 2007 in Cambridge, MA, is the largest online specialty retailer for movie theater passes. The company offers movie passes, snack vouchers and gift cards to 20 national movie theater chains.[2] The company is privately held, and operates independently. It has received media attention in print,[3] on television,[4] and online.[5]

Bulktix.com sells discount movie passes that can be redeemed for free admission to a movie showing. There are several types of movie passes:

  • unrestricted - these passes can be redeemed for a ticket to any standard movie showing
  • restricted - these passes can be redeemed for a ticket to a standard movie showing after a waiting period
  • snack vouchers - these passes can be redeemed for popcorn and drinks at snack concession