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Bull's eye ball is a game developed by Hasbro. Small metal balls must be bounced via an elastic diaphragm into a narrow inlet in order to win points. The entire device is approximately the size of four soda cans. It consists of 3 different games: 30 second blitz, where the goal is to get as many points as possible within 30 seconds; 25 point rush, where the player must get 25 points as fast as possible; and bull's eye ace, where the player tries to get a large percentage of bull's eyes.[1]

There is now a second edition to Bulls Eye Ball, BullsEye Ball 2. It is similar to the original bulls eye ball in almost every aspect except the color of the toy, and the addition of a new game, Target Master.

Both versions of the game suffer from a fatal flaw in which the scoring mechanism is easily exploited. A "hit" in a particular scoring hole may be registered simply by inserting a finger (or any other appropriately sized object) into said hole. It is thus possible to repeatedly insert one's finger into the bulls eye hole during a game session and achieve an unrealistically high score. Though this could be (partially) remedied by forcing the scores to register only after the ball has traversed a certain length of chute specific to each hole, Hasbro (or their successors) have yet to implement this change to the game. Concluding, any high scores you may encounter if playing a used version of the game should be treated with suspect.


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