Bull's Eye (serial)

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Bull's Eye
Bull's Eye 1918.jpg
Directed by James W. Horne
Written by Frank Howard Clark
Harvey Gates
Tom Gibson
James W. Horne
Henry MacRae
Blaine Pearson
Starring Eddie Polo
Vivian Reed
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release dates
  • December 13, 1917 (1917-12-13)
Running time
18 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

Bull's Eye is a 1917 American film serial directed by James W. Horne. It is now considered to be lost.[1]


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. First Blood
  2. The Fearless One
  3. Desperate Odds
  4. Still In The Ring
  5. The Swing of Death
  6. On The Brink
  7. Riding Wild
  8. Dynamite
  9. The Flaming Crisis
  10. Coyotes of The Desert
  11. Fired
  12. Burning Sands
  13. Sold At Auction
  14. The Firing Squad
  15. The Stained Face
  16. Running Wild
  17. In Irons
  18. The Runaway

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