Bull Rider and the Cody Nite Rodeo

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Bull Rider and the Cody Night Rodeo
Artist Blake Neubert
Year 2007
Type Pastel, on paper
Location Private Gallery, Laramie, Wyoming

Bull Rider and the Cody Nite Rodeo; created in 2007 is the title of an expressionist painting by American artist Blake Neubert, depicting a Cowboy riding a Bull in the nightly rodeo. In a review for The World & I Online Audrey Albright describes the piece as "Kandinsky-like," going on to note how Neubert "takes a step beyond impressionism and reaches expressionism with his Bull Rider at the Cody Night [sic] Rodeo . . . [Neubert's] use of color and line emphasizes the emotions and feel of riding a bull, making it possible for the viewer to imagine actually being on the bull."[1]

Source of inspiration[edit]

The piece depicts a Bull Rider competing at the "Cody Nite Rodeo" which is a nightly amateur rodeo competition which takes place annually from June 1 to August 31 in Cody, Wyoming.[2]


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