Bullard Machine Tool Company

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A Bullard CNC VTL.
Bullard Mult-Au-Matic, a vertical, multispindle automatic lathe, 1914.[1]
Memorial Day 1942 at Bullard

The Bullard Machine Tool Company was a large American machine tool builder. It specialized in vertical boring mills and was largely responsible for the development of the modern form of that class of machine tools.[2]

The firm was founded in 1894 by Edward Payson Bullard Sr (born 1841-04-18 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA; died 1906-12-22 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA[3]). He received formative experience at the Colt armory and Pratt & Whitney,[3] which were influential development centers for generations of toolmakers.[4] Bullard Sr is believed to have developed the first small boring machine designed to do the accurate work previously performed on the faceplate of a lathe.[5] Roe (1916) says that "Up to that time boring machines were relied on only for large and rough work."[5]

Bullard Sr's son, Edward Payson Bullard Jr (1872–1953), continued the family machine tool business and brought the turret principle to the vertical boring mill, making it a vertical turret lathe.[6] For a while in America during the 20th century, the name "Bullard" on the shop floor was something of a genericized trademark for vertical turret-head boring mills.[7] E.P. Bullard Jr led the development of the company's multiple-spindle Mult-Au-Matic brand machine that became an important automatic lathe in the mass production of parts for the automotive industry.[1][6] Bullard Jr was president of the company for 40 years, through World War I, the interwar period, and World War II, a period during which the Bullard company was the largest machine tool builder in the U.S.,[6] and vast volumes of military matériel were produced by countless companies running Bullard machines. Bullard is now owned by Bourn& Koch, based in Rockford, Illinois. Bourn & Koch continues to provide OEM parts, service and support for their machines.