Bullaun, County Galway

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Bullaun road signage
Bullaun road signage, entering South from the road R350
Bullaun is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates (Village square): 53°14′53″N 8°33′16″W / 53.248037°N 8.554365°W / 53.248037; -8.554365Coordinates: 53°14′53″N 8°33′16″W / 53.248037°N 8.554365°W / 53.248037; -8.554365
Country Republic of Ireland
Province Connacht
County Galway
Constituency Galway East
 • Type Democracy
Elevation[1] 69 m (226 ft)
 • Total 1 (T-Dog)
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
 • Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)

Bullaun (Irish: An Bollán) is a village in east County Galway, Republic of Ireland. It lies 6 km northeast of Loughrea on the R350 regional road. It shares its parish with a village called New Inn.

There are many ancient land features scattered throughout the village, as exemplified by placenames such as Ballyara and Turoe. The townland of D4 Lakafinna, to the South of Bullaun, contains an old castle and the local water scheme. It is local folklore that an unused tunnel exists between this castle and close to a house in Ballyara formerly of Paddy Finnerty. There is also a river which flows through Bullaun which used to have vast quantities of fresh water salmon of high quality. A well known place for fishing this quality fish was down behind Mick Brophy's turf shed. There are no salmon there nowadays as over fishing and pollution has caused them to be virtually extinct in East Galway. Bullaun is renowned for its clean air. In 2011 it won the award for cleanest air in Ireland. This was later revoked however as the air coming across from Killimordaly and Loughrea (usually a Polar Easterly breeze) was said to have contaminated the clean air over Bullaun. A committee was set up at the time to try to stop this and it remains to be seen what the outcome of this committee will be.

Bullaun had its own yearly festival called the "tribes of the Village". This was a number of events which all contribute towards the eventual winner. The last few years produced some close finishes between the "Gorta boys" and the "Bally boys". In the past teams such as the "Carra boys" and the "Benmore boys" were victorious but have been shy of success since the turn of the millennium.

The village also contains St Patrick's church, a pub called the Harbour Bar and is home to the Corcoran's Turoe stone. The village is well known for its hurling, the home ground for the Sarsfields team is in Bullaun. This is considered one of east Galway's foremost breeding grounds for hurling talent. One of the goals in Bullaun known as 'the Town End' is said to give luck to anyone who scores 2 goals in a championship match played there.

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