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Bullcroft Colliery was a coal mine situated by the village of Carcroft north of Doncaster. The Bullcroft Colliery Company was formed in April 1908 and sinking of the shafts commenced immediately. In January 1909, at a depth of 100 feet (30 m), a water course yielding over 1,000 US gallons (3,800 L) per minute was struck, it was capped back and sinking continued but only a month later, at 180 feet (55 m), another water course, big enough to be described as a "subterranean river", was struck - too much for the steam operated pumps to cope with. Electric pumps were brought in to cope with the flow but even with a capability of 6,250 US gallons (23,700 L) per minute they couldn't cope and sinking was stopped so the full situation could be assessed.

It was decided to withdraw the pumps and freeze the ground. Commencing January 1910 the first freeze was unsuccessful and a second, after the shafts had iron "tubbing" installed, commenced in February 1911. This was successful and sinking recommenced finally reaching the coal measures in December 1911.

The colliery worked normally until 1968 when it was joined to Brodsworth Colliery by a 550-yard drift and a 1,800 yard long conveyor made it possible that Bullcroft coal could be brought up at Brodsworth for washing etc.

The collieries officially merged in 1970, the Bullcroft shafts were filled, using spoil from pit heaps and capped. Bullcroft Colliery kept its landsale depot to deal with concessionary coal and retained a locomotive to work it for about a year afterwards.

The colliery was served by a branch off the Hull and Barnsley and Great Central Joint Railway and a connection to the West Riding and Grimsby Railway.

The colliery had its own football team, which competed in the FA Cup on numerous occasions.


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Coordinates: 53°34′55″N 1°11′11″W / 53.581932°N 1.186288°W / 53.581932; -1.186288