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The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are a professional rugby league club in the National Rugby League (NRL), the premier rugby league football competition in Australia.

Based in Belmore, a suburb of Sydney, the Bulldogs in 1935 were admitted to the New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL) competition, a predecessor of the current NRL competition.

The Bulldogs won their first premiership in just their fourth season (1938). At the time it made them the quickest club (barring the founding clubs) to win a premiership after admission to the competition, a record which was only recently beaten in 1999 by the Melbourne Storm. They won a second premiership in 1942 but then had to wait another 38 years before breaking through for a third title in 1980. During the 80s, the Bulldogs were a dominant force in the competition appearing in five Grand Finals, winning four of them. In the 90s they featured in the 1994, 1995 and 1998 Grand Finals, winning in 1995. Their most recent success was in 2004 when they beat the Sydney Roosters 16 – 13. The tryscorers were Hazem El Masri and Matt Utai, and the Clive Churchill Medal winner was Willie Mason.

Steve Mortimer & Peter Moore (CEO)

Ring of Champions (Hall of Fame)[edit]

Ring of Champions (2007)
Inductee Year
Chris Anderson 2007
Ron Bailey 2007
Greg Brentnall 2007
Eddie Burns 2007
Steve Folkes 2007
David Gillespie 2007
John Greaves 2007
Les Johns 2007
Peter Kelly 2007
Roy Kirkaldy 2007
Terry Lamb 2007
Peter Moore 2007
Chris Mortimer 2007
Steve Mortimer 2007
Edgar Newham 2007
George Peponis 2007
Henry Porter 2007
Steve Price 2007
Kevin Ryan 2007
Frank Sponberg 2007

70 Year Team of Champions[edit]

70 Year Team of Champions (2004)
Player Position
Les Johns Full Back
Chris Anderson Wing
Ron Bailey Centre
John Greaves Centre
Edgar Newham Wing
Terry Lamb (C) Five Eighth
Steve Mortimer Half Back
Frank Sponberg Lock
Steve Folkes Second Row
David Gillespie Second Row
Kevin Ryan Prop
George Peponis Hooker
Eddie Burns Prop
Peter Kelly Reserve
Chris Mortimer Reserve
Greg Brentnall Reserve
Henry Porter Reserve
Roy Kirkaldy Reserve
Steve Price Reserve
Peter Moore Administration

50th Anniversary Greatest Team Ever[edit]

50th Anniversary Greatest Team Ever (1985)
Player Position
Les Johns Full Back
Chris Anderson Wing
Ron Bailey Centre
John Greaves Centre
Edgar Newham Wing
Garry Hughes Five Eighth
Steve Mortimer (C) Half Back
Frank Sponberg Lock
Graeme Hughes Second Row
Bob McCarthy Second Row
Henry Porter Prop
George Peponis Hooker
Eddie Burns Prop
Chris Mortimer Reserve
Ron Costello Reserve


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