Bullet (band)

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Origin  United States
Genres rock
Years active 1971 (1971)-1972 (1972)
Labels Big Tree Records
Past members Roger Pontbriand
Ernie Sorrentino
Mike Micara

Bullet was a one-hit wonder American rock band. Its only hit, "White Lies, Blue Eyes", peaked at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 1972. Band member (keyboards, vocals) Roget Pontbriand went on to play with K.C. and the Sunshine Band and Wild Cherry. Other members included Ernie Sorrentino and Mike Micara.

An English band, once known as "Bullet", often is mistakenly given credit for the hit "White Lies, Blue Eyes". This group formed in London; it included former Atomic Rooster members John Cann (vocalist) and Paul Hammond (drummer). The English "Bullet" changed their name to Hard Stuff because of the American band named "Bullet". In the UK, "White Lies, Blue Eyes" was released on the Philips label under the name of Bullet U.S.A..


  • "White Lies, Blue Eyes" (US#28) (Big Tree Records) 1971
  • "Willpower Weak, Temptation Strong" (US#96) (Big Tree Records) 1972
  • "Little Bit O' Soul" (Big Tree Records) 1972

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