Bulls Bridge Power Station

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Bulls Bridge Power Station
Bulls Bridge CCGT Power Station.jpg
Bulls Bridge OCGT
LocationGreater London
Coordinates51°30′07″N 0°24′32″W / 51.50200°N 0.40900°W / 51.50200; -0.40900Coordinates: 51°30′07″N 0°24′32″W / 51.50200°N 0.40900°W / 51.50200; -0.40900
Commission date1980
Decommission date1993
Thermal power station
Primary fuelOil fired
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grid reference TQ104793

Bulls Bridge Power Station was an open-cycle gas-turbine power station at Bull's Bridge, Hayes in west London. It was decommissioned in 1993 and later demolished.


The station was built, owned and operated by the CEGB as a stand-alone open cycle GT station in the mid-1970s but was later mothballed. As a result of the UK miners' strike (1984–1985) the station was re-opened in the 1980s,[1] occupying a 25-acre (100,000 m2) site on either side of Yeading Brook, to the south of the Paddington main line and north of the Grand Union Canal, at its junction with the Paddington Arm. It had a generating capacity of 280 MW.[1][2] It was connected electrically to the North Hyde 66kV substation. On privatisation, the station was owned and run by Powergen, and ceased generating in 1993.[1] The site has since been redeveloped and the station demolished. The western parcel of land is occupied by a British Airways engineering centre.


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