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Bullsone (hangul:불스원) is an automotive products company headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

Its products include total fuel system cleaners, engine oil treatments, car shampoos, car waxes, rain repellents, the wide mirror, and air fresheners.


Bullsoneshot, a fuel system cleaner, is the main product of Bullsone. Rain OK is the brand name for Glass care products. Firstclass is for Surface care products.


Bullsone Co., Ltd. began as an independent entity in 2001, branching off from Oxy Co., Ltd., a leading Korean enterprise. Since then it has developed into Korea's No. 1 auto care products manufacturer.[citation needed] The following are factors that contributed to Bullsone's success: corporate philosophy that gives priority to the trust of customers, competitive spirit that does not accept failure, cultivation of creative minds with a desire to always pursue something new. Bullsone, in particular, has been preparing for a sustainable future by actively developing products based on the idea of low-carbon green growth. As a result, it has laid the foundation to expand its business into the global market and become a global company.


  • Engine care
    • Total fuel system cleaner (Bullsoneshot)
    • Oil treatment: Engine coating treatment (Bullspower)
    • Air intake system cleaner
    • Engine degreaser
    • Multi purpose lubricant
    • Antifreeze / Coolant
  • Wide mirror
  • Surface care
    • Car shampoo
    • Premium carnauba wax
    • Foaming shampoo
    • Tire shield
    • Tire shine
    • Wheel clean&shine
    • Leather cleaner
    • Leather lotion
    • Scratch remover
    • Sticker & tar remover
  • Glass care
    • Rain repellent
    • Washer fluid
    • Ultimate glass clean
    • Deicer
    • Anti-fog
  • Air care
    • Air fresheners (Grasse, Pola family)
    • Deodorizers

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