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A bully is someone responsible for bullying, a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion against others.

Bully may also refer to:



  • Wally Bullington, American college football player (1949–1952) and coach (1960–1965, 1968–1976) nicknamed "Coach Bully"
  • Big Bully Busick (1954–2018), former police officer turned professional wrestler
  • Bully Dawson, 17th century gambler from London, England
  • Bully Gilstrap, American college basketball and football coach in the 1940s and '50s and multi-sport athlete
  • Bully Hayes (1827 or 1829–1877), American slaver and sea captain
  • Michael Herbig (born 1968), German film director, actor and author nicknamed "Bully"
  • Gray Maynard ("The Bully"; born 1979), American amateur wrestler and professional mixed martial artist
  • William T. Van de Graaff (1895–1977), American college football player and coach and athletics administrator nicknamed "Bully"
  • Robert Waterman (sea captain) (1808–1884), American merchant sea captain nicknamed "Bully Waterman" or "Bully Bob Waterman"


  • American Bully, a breed of dog in the terrier family
  • Bull Terrier (also "bully"), a breed of dog in the terrier family
  • Gobiomorphus, an Australian and New Zealand genus of fish known as bully

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  • Bully (mascot), mascot of the Mississippi State University Bulldogs athletics teams
  • Columbus Bullies, a professional football team from 1938 to 1942
  • Jacksonville Bullies, a defunct professional indoor lacrosse team that played part of the 2012 season

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